Watch: Gossip Girl S3 Ep4 - Dan De Fleurette

This week's Gossip Girl episode is all about the diva: the queens and the princesses of the never ending fairytale!

Olivia Burke (Hillary Duff) is the new character introduced this week and perhaps we'll be seeing her for the next few episodes, considering she's going to date Dan Humprey for a while. She was attracted with Dan who doesn't know who she was until he went to her movie premiere, "Fleur" with Vanessa, who happened to be Olivia's roommate at NYU. Dan, is totally the ultimate insider.

Jenny, the new queen at Contance, was trying to break the hierarchy rules and regulations at the school but was fired back by Blair. Blair held her annual sleepover in order to re-establish her traditions in Constance and by doing so, she has turned off Chuck's offer to accompany him to the movie premiere. Chuck, in retaliation, teamed up with Jenny to sabotage Blair's sleepover. In the end, Jenny learns that there's no such freedom in Constance, and that, to become a queen, she needs to be tyranny. Blair, with her new-found confidence, has recruited some girls to take over NYU.

Serena, out from Brown, now working for publicist Kassie. She was appointed to befriended Ursula (Tyra Bank) and comforted her during the movie premiere due to her favourite scene was edited out. BTW, the movie "Fleur" has a cute scene between Hillary Duff and Tyra Bank.

And why is that everytime there's a big event such as the movie premiere, everyone seems to be there? Serena, Rufus, Lily, Chuck, Jenny, Blair, Dan and even Vanessa? The most intriguing part is, what's now with Scott and Georgina?

p/s: Rufus trying to mimick Lilly's reaction to Serena is cute. Fairytale!

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