Watch: Gossip Girl S3 Ep03 "The Lost Boy"

The latest episode from Gossip Girl Season 3, "The Lost Boy" started with the steamy scene between Dan and Georgina before they get caught by Blair. Seems like Georgina actually really likes Dan considering the fact that she even used their picture together as the wallpaper on her MacBook Air. The high-profile relationship between Nate and Bree went public and soaring higher than ever. Chuck and Blair "little" bidding war scene is so cute! Chuck blurting out "She stole my shoes" is one of the oh-so-cute scene.The most lovable couple! Vanessa founds out who Scott really is. And Carter is really honest towards Serena. All's well ends well? Well, not so fast. Georgina overheard the conversation between Vanessa and Scott, and decided to follow Scott to his hometown. What latest plan she has in her mind? And for Carter, seems like he has something to do with Bree's family matter. What is it? We'll have to wait for the next episode, "Dan de Fleurette" for more revelation. Next week, Trya Bank and Hillary Duff in Gossip Girl! Till then...

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