Britney "3" Music Video Review

Britney Spears' music video "3" premiered last night! So, love it or leave it? Well, for me it doesn't break any new grounds. It's not provocative and lack of creativity, looks like it has been done before, perhaps in Britney's old songs or Beyonce or Pussycat Dolls. Most of the video consists of Britney touching her face and all. There's no slick dance moves to talk about, she just swaying from side to side and doing suggestive moves towards her co-dancers. Even the earlier part of the video promoting her latest perfume "Fantasy" is exactly like in "Circus" music video. She could do better than this. Even Madonna in her 30s can still do killing moves. I think fan-made music video below is far more interesting and fun to watch. Hopefully, for her next single, "Monster" she would up the ante!

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