Step-By-Step Guide for New iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 User

So you got your new iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 from Maxis, what do you do next?

A) Jailbreak with Blackra1n RC3. Original guide HERE, or follow this easy steps.
1. Download blackra1n RC3 HERE. Choose whether you are using Windows or Mac

2. Connect iPhone to PC and close iTunes. Run blackra1n software. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, enable "Windows XP Compatibility" from "Properties" tab.
3. Click "make it rain". Let the software do everything for you.

4. After your iPhone restart, run "blackra1n" app and install Rock.

5. Run the Rock app and let it updated.

B) Download iPhone PC Suite 2.6 HERE. This software is better than iTunes to install downloaded apps, and manage everything else. If you get language other than English, look into folder "C:\Program Files\NetDragon\91 Mobile\iPhone\LangPacks" and delete files other than "en-US.lang". Connect to iPhone and install Phonedaemon. Original guide HERE.

C) Download cracked apps HERE. This is the best website to download cracked ipa files.


  1. fine. aku tinggalkan comment.

    you forget to mention to connect the phone to the pc (with itunes not running) before you run blackra1n.


  2. pandadaemon tu ape? T_T

    asal aku connect phone aku, die cakap tak jailbreak lagi. motif sangat.

  3. maknernyer ko tak berjaya jailbreak ko nyer iPhone sepenuhnyer... kekeke... aku dapat gak error tu tapi pas aku restore and re-jailbreak, baru leh pakai pc suite tu. seriously heaven.

  4. Ala tanak la restore T_T dah install byk mende ni. ipa tak simpan awal2 dulu sob

  5. kekeke sape soh x simpan ipa.ko install apps pe je yg recommended ek?ni tgh surf gune ifon on wifi!best best!