Watch: 2012

(exactly like in my dream, it's raining fire!)
Watching 2012 is like riding a roller coaster. Forget whoever acted in the film (John Cusack who?), or the family-oriented issue that follows, this film is best watched for the grand scale of catastrophe and disaster. Starting with driving away from the earthquake in LA, and later on a plane, running from volcanic eruptions in Yellowstone, piloting a plane away from acid rain and finally surviving the tsunami on the new millennium version of Noah's ark. Several famous landmarks were destroyed in the movies: St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, White House Washington DC by an aircraft carrier US Kennedy, Eiffel Tower, Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Kaabah was shown earlier but was not destroyed due to religious sensitive sentiment.

The director Ronald Emmerich was famous for his apocalyptic movies like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. And this time he took the Mayan prophecy and combined it with the story of The Flood. Every characters that were introduced in the first part of the movie played major roles in helping the hero of the story. The deejay who loves apocalypse, the Tibetan monk, the boxer-lover billionaire, the Indian geologist, and even the US president, all were important to ensure the survival of the hero.

Oh, by the way, to fully enjoyed the movie, leave your rationality behind while watching it. You don't want to be spoiled by your reality judgment and how absurd the way the hero and his family could survived all the things God threw at them.

p/s: Watched Jennifer's Body. Totally Twilight-wannabe, I fell asleep halfway into of the movie. Lots of sex involved, not scary enough but the plot was just okay. Revenge was so sweet in the ending. And Pandorum, the ending was so worth it. You'll get confused at the beginning but the revelation of who really was the protagonist was good. Gamer - great action, great idea. The movie was made in gamer's perspective and  camera work. Zombieland proofed that 2008 is really the year of zombie awakening!

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