Watch: Legion

It's 18PL for a reason, the movie is heavy with religious theme, in a twisted manner, with angels as not as they are depicted in the holy books. Lots of swearing and cursing of bad words. Overall it's about Michael, one of the archangel, defying God's order to exterminate human race, descending down to Earth, cut his wings, and went to a diner located on a deserted land to save a woman who is about to give birth to a baby who will be human last hope, the so-called savior or prophet or whatever, fighting the attack of angel-possessed humans and finally the other archangel, Gabriel. The movie also features the best use of winged creature in a movie, with steel-like, razor-shaped edge of wing that work as both the weapon and the shield. 

The original trailer which contained a scene where the angel said, "The first time God lost faith in human, He sent the flood. This time he sent angels" actually led me to think that I'll be seeing an army of angels on the screen, but nope, the angel-possessed humans are all you get from the movie. Such movie made in modest budget even omitted the mega disasters the audience would get from a disaster/apocalypse movie like 2012, except for the swarming flies which is not that impressive. Everything else were only explained from a single radio transmission. Even the last scene where the main characters finally reach their destination was not impressive. Having said that, however, some of the scenes are purely scary and will surprise you.

The best quote in the movie would be from the big-headed, gun-toting Michael to the butt-kissing Gabriel, "You give Him what He asked you to do, I give Him what He needed". This movie reminds me of (a) the survivality of human race, the usual theme recycled by Hollywood for so many times (b) Pandora's box storyline, when all is lost, hope is all that left. (c) mix of Zombieland and Terminator

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