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Found a new addictive game on Facebook which has just started early March! This is another city-building simulation games in line with MyCityLife, EnerCities and NanoTown. It plays like SimCity and many of the features were incredibly well-balanced and creative. And I also think that this app is much more easier and approachable than the other games because there's no such thing as over-clicking symptom as found in the other games. Here is the overview of the FB app:
If you click on the city info, you will get to rename your city and manage your population. In this game, population management is the most important element to succeed. Population can be increased by building more residentials. But you must watch your population happiness level as well which can be seen from the population limit. Happiness level can be increased by building leisure buildings and colourful terrain. Your city population will then limiting how much factories you can build in your city. Factories is important to produce contracts which in turn will generate money for your city income which then you can spend to build more buildings. By adding more neighbors you can expand your city grids.
Available contracts with its costs, rewards, xp benefit and time taken.
Each residential will create citizens in allocated time. You need to click on the residential when the time is up to add the citizens to your city.
Leisure buildings increase your population limit
City grid expansion limit requirement.
 This residential will create citizens in approx 7 minutes more...
This factory will be finishing its contract in 4h 47m. Please take note that contract can get expired.
So if you happen to be FB game addict, come join us and play this app. And don't forget to add me as your neighbour! Search me by the name 'Kaizar Areni! :)

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