Watch: Sorority Row

Finally I got the chance to watch "Sorority Row". This movie is not as bad as what I thought at first place. Though it might fall into thriller genre cliche, guessing which one is the real killer and who will be killed next, but it has some surprising moments though it doesn't sustain long enough until the end. But still it doesn't bored me like the other thriller movie and it is entertaining and engaging. The cinematography is one of the movie highlight and the script is well-polished. 

It started with a prank gone wrong which lead to the death of one of the Theta Pi sisters, and the remaining sisters sworn to trust, secrecy and solidarity.The characteristics of each sister is easy to differentiate too, the slutty Chugs who got killed first, the hateful controlling Jessica, the filling-the-racist-gap Claire, the goodie-good-girl Cassidy, the emotional nerdy Ellie and the cute innocent Maggie. The boys are not bad either, the valedictorian (love this word!) Andy, the daddy's boy Kyle, idiotic Mickey and scaredy Garrett.  I really hate the control freak Jessica, and I love how innocent Maggie look especially at the ending when she sang "Theta Pi says goodbye" like a lunatic on drug. 

Even the sorority house keeper, Mrs Crenshaw has her own moment hunting down the killer but it was short-lived, and her appearance looked a bit weird to me because suddenly the movie shifted its focus to her alone as if from being "Sorority Row" it went to "Misery". Other than that, the "well" moment reminded me of either Korean and Indonesian horror movie. I even learn the meaning of word "valedictorian" which I've heard before but never knew how to use it until now, and that's what I actually was during my graduation day. "Theta Pi Must Die!" Sequel in the making: the comeback of Garrett!

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