Watch: Gossip Girl S03E20 "It's A Dad, Dad, Dad World"

OMFG, the latest Gossip Girl got me really excited! dunno whether because i watched it on my laptop so the view is within close proximity, compared to watching from a distance to the television, but one thing for sure, the series is back on track! this week's episode focused on Humphrey-Van der Woodsen family entanglement. Dr.William Van der Woodsen proclaim publicly that he wants to win his wife back. the last scene where all four van der woodsen family sitting opposite the fireplace is so family picture perfect with one of my favourite line, "What do you say, Serena? Who's your daddy?" Wow! Can't wait for the next family brunch! There's even a scene where Serena asked Rufus to "scoot over" so that Will can sit beside her. Poor Rufus. And the dress Serena wearing to the university gala to commemmorate her father is so mesmerizing that I caught the staring-eyes of the actor who played Serena's father! Sexy and lovely! This is the first time I'm commenting something about what the casts are wearing!

Conflict and tension between Serena and Jenny keeps the momentum of the show, and one of their catfight really catch my attention. The episode also focused on Blair trying to win her fans back by having what they called as "Gossip Girl blast". She claimed herself as Columbia student which finally, by Chuck's help, she really became one. There's still love between them after all. Even Chuck listened to Blair so that he meet Lily. Really love the cute face of Blair when she knew that she was accepted to Columbia! Can't wait to see Blair becoming the queen bee again! Really like the statement "Holland has tale to tell", Holland told Serena something about Rufus that made Serena choose her father over Rufus for her mother. I love how motherly look is Lily and felt quite sympathy towards Rufus who is losing his dignity over his own family. I also suspect something about the medicine given by Will to Lily mentioned by Jenny to Chuck at the end of the episode. The moment Jenny Binging on drug, it's like what? Is it the death sign for Google?

Other than that, Dan and Vanessa is still recuperating their relationship and Eric with Elliot. Nate is becoming much more mature."Well you wanted to see Blair Waldorf takedown? Cross me again, and you'll experience one firsthand!" Take that!