Watch: Avatar The Last Airbender

1) Keep in mind that this movie originated from a cartoon series of the same title, so everything in this movie is quite family-oriented i.e. no blood splattering

2) So it's quite funny to see that in the middle of intense battle scene, the kids can still lingering around like nothing happen

3) The acting is just mediocre, not deliverable, and quite emotionless. Even the timing of dialogues between characters are bad

4) However the final scene, when Aang chose the four toys and his mentor Gyatso bowed before him, that scene was emotional. Followed by favourite scene in the movie, when Aang successfully controlled the ocean and scared the Fire Nation's battleships away. Then, the Northern Water Kingdom bowed before Aang. The accompanying music at that particular scenes was superb.

5) Some exotic places shown in the movie was quite spectacular: the temples, Northern Water Kingdom and the Fire Nation battleships are grand scale.

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