Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 8: The BIGGEST war is coming up next!

 The Takedown Scene
 Guess who's gonna be back for good!

The latest episode 8 of Gossip Girl season 4 has made me blogging once more!

Finally, the BIGGEST war at Upper East Side is brewing up, it's the insiders VS the outsiders, and they made it really hard to pick which team to be supported. The insiders: The forever foursome of Serena, Blair, Nate & Chuck VERSUS the outsiders of eccentric Vanessa, revengeful Juliet & vivacious Jenny! (Secretly pray that Georgina Sparks is on her way too! And Nate!) It's totally going to be a spectacular blast and whoever Gossip Girl is, she/maybe he is going to work 24/7! Believe me, it's going to be huge!

Though I admit that I do hate Juliet from the very beginning she first stepped into GG world, I do felt sympathy during the takedown scene, the foursome versus her alone. Let's just say that Serena do deserve some payback, if not by Juliet, Vanessa is one good lady who has been messed up by Serena a lot. And even so, Serena has hurt Dan, the lonely boy thousand times! I felt a bit pity towards Colin too, being dumped by Serena after he resigned from being the guest lecturer at Columbia University just so he could be with Serena. And Serena still couldn't choose between Nate and Dan! Come on Serena, make up your mind!

Certainly one of the best episodes! GG's script is awesome as ever. Juliet's playing foursquare too! Say what? And Dorota' line "If KGB can't get me to talk, Chuck Bass has no chance" certainly steals my heart. Always good with a one-liner you chub au pair!

So, can't hardly wait for the next episode! Unto Glee...