Watch: In Time

Filem "In Time" selayaknya mendapat sebuah reviu penuh, bukan sekadar status-post Facebook yang pendek. Filem ini sukar untuk digambarkan dalam hanya beberapa perkataan kerana ruang lingkupnya sangat meluas, dari pelbagai aspek dan segenap dimensi. Tidak peduli siapa pelakonnya, jalan ceritanya nyata yang terbaik dan tidak salah jika dikatakan, sebuah "masterpiece" atau mahakarya yang terbaik tahun ini. Jika tahun lepas disajikan dengan "Inception" dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya dengan trilogi "The Matrix", "In Time" sebuah filem sai-fai yang setanding dengan kedua-duanya, malah tidak keterlaluan jika dikatakan garapan yang lebih baik dari segi tarikan emosi dan kemanusiaan.

Berlatarbelakangkan kisah pasangan "Bonnie & Clyde" dan anti-hero "Robin Hood", setting filemnya mudah: proses penuaan manusia berhenti pada usia 25 tahun dan masa adalah matawang, secara literalnya. Masa adalah tol yang perlu dibayar antara sempadan zon masa. Kaya vs miskin. Kisah menyayat hati antara Will dan ibunya,  Saat mendebarkan semasa Will mempertaruhkan nyawanya dalam perjudian. Perasaan berbelah bagi dengan nasib Timekeeper. Melonjak kegembiraan semasa kekalahan dan kematian pencuri masa yang bangsat. Dan semestinya, degupan jantung, denyutan nadi dan debaran hati yang ikut sama dalam saat-saat mencemaskan tatkala Will dan Silvia hampir kehabisan masa.

Jika anda punyai masa, tontonilah filem ini.

Tech: Perfecting Hackintosh Skill Over The Weekend (Draft)

I am documenting my hackintosh quest over the weekend. (Draft)

1) Check your PC components: motherboard, graphic card (Recommended CPU-Z)

2) Change Boot Device Priority to CD-ROM

3) Install Windows 7 (As easy as ABC)

4) Make two partitions: one for Windows 7, one for Mac OS X

5) Install OSX86 distro, for my PC I choose IPC

6) Use Disk Utility to Erase the partition you want to install OSX. Choose "Mac OSX (Journaled Extended)"

7) Before install, click "Customize"

8) Click Kernel - "9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel"

9) Depending on your components, for the Drivers:
 - Video Driver - "NATIT"
 - Chipset Driver - "AppleNForceATATest nForce Drivers"
 - Audio Driver - "AC97 Audio"
 - Ethernet Driver - "nForce LAN Driver"
 - USB Driver - "Patched USB Drivers"

10) For Fixes & Patches:
 - Seatbelt.kext 10.5.5 (must be installed if Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel is installed)
 - Shutdown/Restart Fix
 - PS/2 Keyboard Fix
 - Patch DSDT
 - AppleSMBIOS Patch - AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev3 667 MHz

11) No need for alternae bootloader. For applications, install later.

12) Done>Install>Skip disk check>Restart

13) I choose Darwin Bootloader to dual-boot both Windows 7 & Mac OSX

14) More fixes at /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

 - Right-click the folder>Get Info>Permissions>Click the lock icon>enter admin password>click "+">add yourself>Choose Read/write>Exit

 - Display resolution: Graphics Mode 1280x960x32 (depends on resolution supported - check at boot: ?video)

 - Change bootloader timer (5 secs is too fast)

 - Change to full screen (in progress)

 - Still looking for the best way to fix network problem

Longer version:

Heartbroken Soul

Why am I always being misquoted & MISUNDERSTOOD all the time?

Why they always painted me in a bad light when they themselves doesn't know who I really am, and even did worst things to me over the time? Is it because because I'm an easy victim, someone they can put the blame on instead of themselves? They are the angels when I am the devil? Is it because I forgive & forget things that they simply throw accusations to me?

When words hurt more than actions. It's not that Ii'm heartless, I've been hurt by so many people in the past that all my feelings just went NUMB.

My heart & mind is as complicated & complex as anything could be, will it ever be untangled by anyone? I so wish I am tethered to someone.

Always pretending to be happy, both in front of everyone else and in Facebook statuses, while suffering deep inside. Will keep all those problems to myself so no one knows the troubles i faced alone in life. I appear strong but I'm weak inside.

All i did was to find happiness in a small amount of time. If seeking happiness is a crime, then yes, I'm guilty all the way. What's wrong with seeking happiness beautifying my own home & meeting new people widening my horizon?

It's time for self-denial, let's buried the sadness deep inside myself.

I know that by admitting I'm always suffering will give SATISFACTION to other people. I know THEM.

Congratulations, you win.

Music: M-Pop "Max 24/7" & "Gula-Gula" Tiru K-Pop?

Super Juniors? 2PM? Wonder Girls? SNSD? Bukan untuk defense depa la, tapi ape salahnyer dari budak2 yang asek2 masuk TV3 kena cekup lepak sane sini, merokok la, isap dadah isap gam, merempit tak tentu hala, at least budak2 ni wat something with their live. talent tu memang takleh nak cakap lah, kene brush up dulu dek sebelum kuar tv, sape management diorang ni, learn management skill dengan manager grup k-pop, bukan main tangkap muat dan main kuar tv sesuka ati je, kesian gak budak2 ni. Kalau betul2 nak tiru K-Pop pun bang, diorang sane ader apprenticeship, training, baru boleh sukses satu dunia. 
Tapi gambar tak bleh blah lah, especially yang bertiga pakai baju tak berbutang, sleeveless segala. Tutup2 la dik. Tak sedap mata memandang.
Yang grup pompuan tu pun same, betul la kate pengkritik2 tu, nak K-Pop pun dik, ingat la asal-usul skit.
Yang kat luar tu plak, jangan tuding jari kat budak2 ni dan kutuk sesedap rase je, management diorang pun have to be responsible. Ciao.

p/s: Sentiasa memandang dari sudut yang berbeza.

Kaizar's Apartment Therapy Part One

I rented this apartment about two months ago and it is still a work in progress. (Even the doors are not painted yet) My living room is a black-and-white affair with a splash of colours and is 70% done. 
I like how the entertainment center turned out because most of my time at home spend playing games, watching TV and karaoke with my family and friends who visits me sometimes.  I wished I could buy a bigger coffee table so my friends and I can play card or board games on it but the space doesn't allow it. The dining area has ample space in case many guests came to dine. (Need to find a new exciting table runner / table cloth soon) I still need to add some chairs plus variety cushions (and a wing chair for the host!) to entertain more guests and probably a consule table to put more frames, candles and vases of flowers on it. (Received as birthday gifts throughout the years)
The display cabinet, obviously from IKEA is the focal point of my living room. I plan to hang more paintings in the future to fill the blank wall space and changing the pendant lamp to a nice chandelier someday. I have lots of books, all of them still unpacked and I'm trying to figure out how to put a nice, big bookcase with the space constraint.
I also like the kitchen because most of what I need is already in place with adequate storage space. (Shopping list: blender, microwave, vacuum).
My next project would be to tackle the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms; two bedrooms which has no furnitures yet and another one has been turned to closet room and is yet to be edited.
Things that I couldn't change are the bathrooms and the flooring. There are two bathrooms and I wished I could turn them into just one big bathroom and add a bath tub, if only the owner would approved the idea. :)

Watch: Game Of Throne Ep 1: Winter I Coming

Adapted from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the premiere episode of HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones, Winter Is Coming was quite enchanting and invites us into the world of Westeros by introducing the important locations and some of the feuding families at a relaxed pace.
It started with the Wight Walkers and the south direwolves. Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) from Winterfell of north, the King's most trusted and loyal friend. His late sister, Lyanna was the King's lost love. He and his wife, Catelyn has five children, Robb, Sansa who wants to marry the prince Joffrey Baratheon and become the queen, Arya the naughty, Branson the climber and Rickon. Other characters introduced are his bastard son Jon Snow and brother Benjen from The Wall.

From King's Landing in south, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, King Robert Baratheon and his Queen Cersei Lannister who secretly incest with her own twin brother, Jaime. The King personally travelled to the North and requested Ned to be the Hand of the King, after the last one, Jon Arynn, murdered by the Lannisters who want the throne as well. Jon's wife, Lysa Tully is Ned's wife's sister. The queen's brother, Tyrion (The Imp) gave the most memorable line, "Every dwarves is bastard in his father's eye".

Then the last remaining heir of the previous dynasty of blonde Targaryens who took off to Pentos, across the Narrow Sea, the brother Viserys and beautiful sister Daenerys who was married off to Khal Drogo, a barbaric, eastern desert-dwelled Dothraki horse lord (the longer Dothraki's hair, the stronger they are) so that the brother can get an army and reclaim the throne. The episode ended with Jaime pushing Branson from the tower.

Anyway, boobs and blood is everywhere in the series. Unlike LOTR, it's more of RPG games, Bethesda's Elder Scrolls with the complexity of Bioware RPGs.

Watch: Sucker Punch

(Baby Doll, Blondie, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Amber & Madam Gorski)

Saya terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit komentar berkenaan reviu yang telah diberikan oleh akhbar Utusan Malaysia ke atas filem Sucker Punch. Ulasan yang diberikan bagus dan bernas, menarik untuk dibaca tetapi terdapat unsur-unsur yang tidak tepat terutamanya apabila penulis mengatakan bahawa institusi mental tersebut adalah "topeng" kepada kelab malam yang diuruskan oleh watak "Blue". Saya sendiri merupakan fanatik filem Inception dan sekiranya anda pernah terbaca reviu spontan saya melalui laman FB semalam berkenaan filem tersebut, sebenarnya filem tersebut berlatarbelakangkan tiga lapis (layers) plot cerita. Yang pertama adalah realiti iaitu institusi mental berkenaan, kedua adalah kelab malam a la Burlesque yang diuruskan oleh Blue dan ketiga adalah dunia fantasy (fantasy realms) yang terhasil daripada tarian mengasyikkan (mesmerizing) Baby Doll. Biarpun tarian tersebut tidak ditunjukkan di layar, tapi berdasarkan perlawanan demi perlawanan (fighting sequences) di dunia fantasi, dapat dibayangkan betapa mengghairahkan dan menggiurkan serta penuh aksi dan gerak tubuh (dancing moves incorporated) yang ditarikan oleh Baby Doll.

"Sucker Punch is picture perfect & questastic! Hoards of enemies: meeting the dungeon master - giant Japanese samurai/ninja, Tank Sweetpea's map - German zombie nazis & World War zeppelins, Machinist Amber's lighter - crusaders' dragon & Engineer Rocket's knife - futuristic planetary robots! Three layers setting: the mental institution, the Burlesque & the fantasy realms. Steampunk & Gothic at its best!Gonna dance like Strategist Babydoll on Friday!"

Kelab malam tersebut sebenarnya latarbelakang yang "ditempek" secara imaginatif pada institusi mental untuk menceritakan provokasi dan perancangan yang direncanakan oleh Baby Doll serta kawan-kawannya. Berbekalkan nama-nama samaran, watak-watak tersebut "terhumban" ke dalam dunia fantasi. Yang pertama, detik pertemuan Baby Doll dan "dungeon master" yang memberikan "quests" kepadanya. Keempat-empat totem yang diperlukan, peta, api, pisau dan kunci adalah antara item-item yang seringkali digunakan dalam RPG (role-playing game). Sekaligus menunjukkan bahawa filem ini mempunyai gerak naratif yang dijalin secara terperinci dan rapi.

Satu lagi yang menarik minat saya untuk membuat kajian adalah berkenaan kaedah perubatan lobotomi untuk mengubati pesakit mental yang sebenarnya masih digunakan sehingga kini. Sebuah cerita yang membuat kita berfikir dan mengkaji sebenarnya adalah sebuah cerita yang bagus dan punyai pengisian tersendiri (link)

Saya bersetuju dengan ulasan tersebut apabila pengulas menyamakan filem tersebut dengan video muzik dan permainan video yang panjang kerana begitu jugalah ulasan spontan saya, terhasil dari visual grafik yang "picture perfect" dan skor muzik yang menghiburkan. Begitu juga apabila pengulas menerangkan dengan lebih lanjut bahawa "Alam itu mentafsirkan kepayahan watak-watak mendapatkan item-item yang diperlukan". Ulasan yang boleh menangkap maksud pengarah filem adalah ulasan yang baik dan bernas. Cumanya saya tidak bersetuju jika dikatakan filem ini hanya "filem bertih jagung" (popcorn movies). Tanpa kajian ke atas penyakit mental atau genre-genre dan "pop culture" permainan video, pasti filem ini kosong tanpa pengisian. Filem ini adalah filem "pop culture", mengangkat media seperti permainan video dalam ruang lingkup yang berbeza.

Kelemahan Sucker Punch adalah terlalu banyak aksi "slo-mo" (slow motion) dan bagi penonton yang tidak terbiasa dengan "high-stylized movie" dan filem yang berlatarbelakangkan lapisan demi lapisan pasti keluar dari panggung wayang dengan penuh kecelaruan. Saya juga akui, this is an easily-distracted watch and script & character development left much to be desired. Kerana itu juga saya merasakan, sebelum menonton sesebuah filem yang unik dan mempunyai konsep yang lain daripada yang lain, anda perlu bersedia serta membuka fikiran untuk menerima suntikan elemen-elemen baru. Ya, baru tidak semestinya bagus. Tetapi jika ianya menghidangkan alternatif yang boleh membawa anda ke dunia lain, mengapa tidak? Bukankah menonton filem salah satu cara untuk lari dari dunia realiti? (escapism, freedom)