Kaizar's Apartment Therapy Part One

I rented this apartment about two months ago and it is still a work in progress. (Even the doors are not painted yet) My living room is a black-and-white affair with a splash of colours and is 70% done. 
I like how the entertainment center turned out because most of my time at home spend playing games, watching TV and karaoke with my family and friends who visits me sometimes.  I wished I could buy a bigger coffee table so my friends and I can play card or board games on it but the space doesn't allow it. The dining area has ample space in case many guests came to dine. (Need to find a new exciting table runner / table cloth soon) I still need to add some chairs plus variety cushions (and a wing chair for the host!) to entertain more guests and probably a consule table to put more frames, candles and vases of flowers on it. (Received as birthday gifts throughout the years)
The display cabinet, obviously from IKEA is the focal point of my living room. I plan to hang more paintings in the future to fill the blank wall space and changing the pendant lamp to a nice chandelier someday. I have lots of books, all of them still unpacked and I'm trying to figure out how to put a nice, big bookcase with the space constraint.
I also like the kitchen because most of what I need is already in place with adequate storage space. (Shopping list: blender, microwave, vacuum).
My next project would be to tackle the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms; two bedrooms which has no furnitures yet and another one has been turned to closet room and is yet to be edited.
Things that I couldn't change are the bathrooms and the flooring. There are two bathrooms and I wished I could turn them into just one big bathroom and add a bath tub, if only the owner would approved the idea. :)