Watch: Game Of Throne Ep 1: Winter I Coming

Adapted from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the premiere episode of HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones, Winter Is Coming was quite enchanting and invites us into the world of Westeros by introducing the important locations and some of the feuding families at a relaxed pace.
It started with the Wight Walkers and the south direwolves. Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) from Winterfell of north, the King's most trusted and loyal friend. His late sister, Lyanna was the King's lost love. He and his wife, Catelyn has five children, Robb, Sansa who wants to marry the prince Joffrey Baratheon and become the queen, Arya the naughty, Branson the climber and Rickon. Other characters introduced are his bastard son Jon Snow and brother Benjen from The Wall.

From King's Landing in south, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, King Robert Baratheon and his Queen Cersei Lannister who secretly incest with her own twin brother, Jaime. The King personally travelled to the North and requested Ned to be the Hand of the King, after the last one, Jon Arynn, murdered by the Lannisters who want the throne as well. Jon's wife, Lysa Tully is Ned's wife's sister. The queen's brother, Tyrion (The Imp) gave the most memorable line, "Every dwarves is bastard in his father's eye".

Then the last remaining heir of the previous dynasty of blonde Targaryens who took off to Pentos, across the Narrow Sea, the brother Viserys and beautiful sister Daenerys who was married off to Khal Drogo, a barbaric, eastern desert-dwelled Dothraki horse lord (the longer Dothraki's hair, the stronger they are) so that the brother can get an army and reclaim the throne. The episode ended with Jaime pushing Branson from the tower.

Anyway, boobs and blood is everywhere in the series. Unlike LOTR, it's more of RPG games, Bethesda's Elder Scrolls with the complexity of Bioware RPGs.

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