Heartbroken Soul

Why am I always being misquoted & MISUNDERSTOOD all the time?

Why they always painted me in a bad light when they themselves doesn't know who I really am, and even did worst things to me over the time? Is it because because I'm an easy victim, someone they can put the blame on instead of themselves? They are the angels when I am the devil? Is it because I forgive & forget things that they simply throw accusations to me?

When words hurt more than actions. It's not that Ii'm heartless, I've been hurt by so many people in the past that all my feelings just went NUMB.

My heart & mind is as complicated & complex as anything could be, will it ever be untangled by anyone? I so wish I am tethered to someone.

Always pretending to be happy, both in front of everyone else and in Facebook statuses, while suffering deep inside. Will keep all those problems to myself so no one knows the troubles i faced alone in life. I appear strong but I'm weak inside.

All i did was to find happiness in a small amount of time. If seeking happiness is a crime, then yes, I'm guilty all the way. What's wrong with seeking happiness beautifying my own home & meeting new people widening my horizon?

It's time for self-denial, let's buried the sadness deep inside myself.

I know that by admitting I'm always suffering will give SATISFACTION to other people. I know THEM.

Congratulations, you win.

Music: M-Pop "Max 24/7" & "Gula-Gula" Tiru K-Pop?

Super Juniors? 2PM? Wonder Girls? SNSD? Bukan untuk defense depa la, tapi ape salahnyer dari budak2 yang asek2 masuk TV3 kena cekup lepak sane sini, merokok la, isap dadah isap gam, merempit tak tentu hala, at least budak2 ni wat something with their live. talent tu memang takleh nak cakap lah, kene brush up dulu dek sebelum kuar tv, sape management diorang ni, learn management skill dengan manager grup k-pop, bukan main tangkap muat dan main kuar tv sesuka ati je, kesian gak budak2 ni. Kalau betul2 nak tiru K-Pop pun bang, diorang sane ader apprenticeship, training, baru boleh sukses satu dunia. 
Tapi gambar tak bleh blah lah, especially yang bertiga pakai baju tak berbutang, sleeveless segala. Tutup2 la dik. Tak sedap mata memandang.
Yang grup pompuan tu pun same, betul la kate pengkritik2 tu, nak K-Pop pun dik, ingat la asal-usul skit.
Yang kat luar tu plak, jangan tuding jari kat budak2 ni dan kutuk sesedap rase je, management diorang pun have to be responsible. Ciao.

p/s: Sentiasa memandang dari sudut yang berbeza.