7 Wonders 12th January 2012

Ephesos: Completed its Wonder in 2nd Age. Few resources to complete the Wonder. Focusing on Commerce buildings & Scientific. A decent Military to fend off attacks from neighbouring countries. Final: 48 VP.

Olympia: Focusing on Military strength, then lots of Civilian buildings! Few Commerce buildings to help trading with neighbouring countries. Collecting lots of Treasury VP as well! Final: 55 VP.

Gizah: Lots of resources! Focusing on Scientific & Commerce early on, then Civilian buildings. Only completed its Wonder in 3rd Age! Final: 42 VP.

Olympia surprisingly surpassed Ephesos & Gizah for its many Civilian buildings!

All in all, 7 Wonders is a great civilization game packed in a lighter card game. Resources, Military, Scientific, Commerce, Civilian buildings and construction stages of Wonder beautifully balanced. Here's hoping for more replay & strategies variety!

New Addiction 2012: Boardgames!

(8th Jan loot)

It started late last year, in December 2012. I've officially added another confession to this long-lost personal Media Addict Rehab, that is addiction to BOARDGAMES!!! Though I don't know if boardgame is considered a media or not...

Well, like most boardgamers, this addiction started when I rekindled myself with Monopoly. From there I started a collection of classic boardgames in the likes of Game of Life, Cluedo, Risk, Battleship & I even bought the card version for almost each of them!

Then, I found out about Apples to Apples. I search every Toys R Us in the whole Klang Valley to no avail. Through the power of Google, I found Meeples, an European Boardgame Cafe in Subang Jaya. From there, I was introduced to a lot more recent Euro boardgames. After buying my Apples to Apples copy from them, I started my journey of finding more boardgames to play. Boardgamegeek opened my eyes to the whole Euro games & I'm in love!

I played lots of them on PC first, then registered myself as a member at Meeples. And just recently on January 8th, I splurged for more than RM1500++ to buy all the creme-de-la-creme boardgames during the Member's Sale. Well, I can't wait to buy more boardgames in the future (and already has a long list of them!)

So, my friends, for the next updates on this blog, I'm gonna spend a lot of time salivating through all the wonderful Euro boardgames and perhaps threw some of my personal reviews too! Some of the games that I've recently played: Catan, Carcassonne, Blokus, Ticket To Ride, Dixit, Agricola, Bohnanza, Hey That's My Fish, Lost Cities, Gift Trap, Pandemic, Wasabi, Zooloretto, Pit, Saboteur, 7 Wonders!