7 Wonders 12th January 2012

Ephesos: Completed its Wonder in 2nd Age. Few resources to complete the Wonder. Focusing on Commerce buildings & Scientific. A decent Military to fend off attacks from neighbouring countries. Final: 48 VP.

Olympia: Focusing on Military strength, then lots of Civilian buildings! Few Commerce buildings to help trading with neighbouring countries. Collecting lots of Treasury VP as well! Final: 55 VP.

Gizah: Lots of resources! Focusing on Scientific & Commerce early on, then Civilian buildings. Only completed its Wonder in 3rd Age! Final: 42 VP.

Olympia surprisingly surpassed Ephesos & Gizah for its many Civilian buildings!

All in all, 7 Wonders is a great civilization game packed in a lighter card game. Resources, Military, Scientific, Commerce, Civilian buildings and construction stages of Wonder beautifully balanced. Here's hoping for more replay & strategies variety!

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