Watch: Prometheus

SPOILER ALERT: The buildup was great and for a second I thought "this could be this year's Avatar". The first part where they explore the place left me awestruck. Organized infrastructure, big buildings, perhaps many more buildings that should be explored in the movie than just that damn tomb. But then the ugly things started to reveal one by one and the movie rushing, spiraling down the hole. The premise of finding the creator was half-cooked. The humanoid alien species they found should at least provide a little glimpse of the premise itself. 

Some of the scenes were too luck-driven making it so unrealistic and not believable enough. Some of them are downright laughable. The egg-like buttons in the alien spaceship, the no-impact father-daughter Vickers scene (Star Wars?), kamikaze captain (Refer to above poster though only two survived actually), the rolling spaceship, the 70's alien design (big worms, big squid). Adding to that, cheap, pathetic ending marking the origin of Aliens movies??

Some of the scenes don't make sense and some with no continuation. David the robot contaminated Holloway's drink causing him to be sick without a strong motive to back-up. I was hoping that instead of just killing the Holloway character, it would be much more interesting if Holloway turned into the alien itself, the planet terraformed, and he & Shaw become the Adam & Eve of the planet. And the reason the aliens invited humans to the planet is not strongly justified as well. Perhaps, they could manipulated human life forms to fuel the mummified aliens. Shaw ranaway from being put aslept in the cryo chamber but no penalties to her? The moral consequences were over-obvious. You want immortality against nature law, killed (creator). You betrayed your creator, beheaded (android). You betrayed your kind, crushed by a rolling spaceship (daughter). You killed humans, impregnated by the squid-like alien (humanoid alien).

Ambitious but disjointed, left many questions unanswered with so many massive holes. Do watch without any expectation and just enjoy the vista.

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