Top 10 Best Glee Songs

1. Don't Stop Believing
(launching Glee to international stardom. the first time Glee touched my heart)

2. Defying Gravity
(epic Rachel vs Kurt. More diva-off coming. The reason I made this list. vocal power!)

3. We Are Young
(made .fun famous. the time when The Troubletones reconcile with New Directions)

4. Tongue - Tied
(celebrating ND winning the Nationals!)

5. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You
(Adele's mash-up done right by The Troubletones)

6. Clarity/Wings
(formidable New Directions' enemies. cheating two songs into one entry :P)

7. Survivor/I Will Survive
(another Troubletones' mash-up favourite!)

8. Fly/I Believe I Can Fly
(ND should win!)

9. Marry You
(best wedding song ever)

10. Teenage Dream
(introducing Blaine to the world)


11. Somewhere Only We Know
(honest Blaine to Kurt, from Warblers to ND)

12. Loser Like Me
(original song. a Glee theme!)

13. Bust Your Windows
(proved Mercedes powerful voice)

14. Hell to the No
(another Mercedes favourite!)