Solving Modded Wii & XBox 360 Problems


My Wii is already modded when I bought it. How to play Wii games from USB/external hard drive.

1) Put "apps" and "WAD" folders into SD card and slot it into Wii. "apps" folder could contain loaders (eg: backup launcher/ pimp my wii/ usb loader/ cfg/ wadmanager/ wiiflow) "WAD" folder could contain loader forwarders (eg: usbloader/ cfg) (Pimp My Wii is used to update IOS. Google & download others)

2) Start "Homebrew Channel". Choose "WADManager" to install loader forwarders as channels on Wii Menu. Personally I prefer USBLoader GX to play games directly from USB/external hard drive because there is an option to display games as channels like the Wii Menu. (To customize Wii Menu channels, click both A & B)

3) Start "USBLoaderGX" (or loader/launcher of your own choice).  Install games from DVD to USB/external hard drive or play games already inside USB/external hard drive. You can use "WiiBackup Manager" to transfer downloaded games (ISO/WBFS) from PC to external HD. (Set "Drive 1" > Add files/folder > Select all > Transfer to Drive 1)

4) I will try to find ways to play emulators & explore the playing games from external HD option. I want to download all WiiWares & Virtual Console games as well. (p/s: It's quite complex)

XBOX 360

My XBox 360 is already installed with Freestyle 3 (changed the skin to look more like normal XBox 360 dash) along with homebrews like XEXMenu & NXE2GOD. How to install games from DVD to XBox HD & play it directly from the HD.

1) To install games from DVD to XBox HD, exit from Freestyle Dash (The only way that works for me is through XBox Live connection test. I've tried DVD Extract under Utilities but failed. And there is no option to install the game from Freestyle Dash). Click "X" for Game Details. Choose "Install". Get back to Freestyle and the game will be listed in XBox Games. You can play directly from XBox HD now. (Playing directly from HD solved the DVD spinning noise & unreadable scratched DVD problem)

2) I'm still trying to figure out how to play games (ISO/GOD format) directly from external hard drive.

The List of TV Bad Guys (And Ladies) I Love To Hate

1) Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones. Thank God he's dead.

2) Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. Bitch. Now that Joffrey is dead, she's the villainous character in the show. Wondering when she's gonna die. (Other GoT characters to hate are The Boltons: Ramsay Snow & Roose Bolton)

3) The Governor from Walking Dead. Should have killed him earlier when they had the chance.

4) Big Jim from Under the Dome. He's so full of himself and always brought problems.

5) Darius from The Lottery. New one in the list. Even his face is hateful.

6) Victoria Grayson from Revenge. Fake own death, sabotage your son's life, etc. Ruining Emily's life.

7) Sue Sylvester from Glee. Sometimes she's good but most of the time she's annoying. Good annoyance of course.

8) Regina from Once Upon A Time. I used to hate her very much but now that she's on the good side, no more hate towards her. But still, there's a chance she will turn evil again...