Play: Cities Skylines

It's been a long time I haven't update anything about games except board games. The last I remember playing is Bioshock Infinite. Good games are getting rare every year, only sequels, and games with nothing better except the visuals. Cities Skylines is a city-building simulation game that every gamers have been waiting for. The latest Simcity game sucks, the previous Simcity 4 combined with the expansion Rush Hour is still the best.

(My first city)

Getting started in Cities Skylines is easy.

1) Build roads. The roads comes with blank zones. You can upgrade roads later in the game to at most six-lanes but you need to relocate some key buildings.
2) Color the zones just like in Simcity: green for residential, blue for commercial, yellow for industrial. You can increase the density of the zones later in the game by dezoning the zone from low density to high density. Offices zone will be unlocked as your city grow.
3) Build power plant (I choose coal power plant), preferably in industrial zone to avoid polluting residential area. Check electricity availability panel. Connect areas without electricity with power lines. For example my industrial zone which is where I put my power plant is separated with the residential zone by a river so I connect them both with power lines.
4) Build water pump upstream and sewage facility downstream. Connect both with pipelines and make sure all zones are covered as well.
5) Build landfill for garbage disposal, preferably in industrial zone. You can build incinerator later in the game for better garbage disposal management.

Now you have power, water and garbage facilities, you're ready to go. Your primary goal in the game is to grow your city to a megalopolis as the final milestones, and for that you need to grow your population. And your secondary goal would be to unlock unique buildings, monuments and achievements. Besides that, you can also make increasing the land value of your residential zone as the third goal.

Ensure your budget and happiness level are always in the green. Check the demand bar to know which zone to be expanded. Check the city stats panel to know what aspects to be improved based on demand: electricity, water, garbage, education (elementary, high school, university), citizen happiness, healthcare and deathcare, levels, wind, traffic, pollution, noise pollution, fire safety, crime, transport, outside connections, land value, natural resources, district, and leisure. These are the milestones to be unlocked:

(Example of unlockable panel: milestones, unique buildings, monuments and achievements)

(Statistics you can check on pause menu)

(World map where you can unlock bigger areas to play with)

City stats panel for your heart content:

From the city stats panel. Supplying the main necessities like power, water and garbage disposal is just basic. I feel satisfaction while fiddling with education and traffic, feels more impact in building my city, Citizen happiness, healthcare and deathcare, fire safety and crime are easy to maintain, Levels, wind, pollution, noise pollution, population, outside connections, land value, natural resources, leisure doesn't play much role in my first game but wind can be useful if you build wind turbines, pollution and noise pollution mostly came from industrial area, sewage and traffic, land value can be increased by strategic placing of public amenities including leisure and natural resources can be used for district specialization. Public transportation is a bit tricky.

I haven't try the district and city policies feature yet. My first play took me about four whopping hours to grow my city from zero population to a capital city with 32000 population.


Cities Skylines is what Simcity should be, simple, approachable yet in-depth. Large game map. Addictive progression system. User-friendly interface. Sprawling transport networks. Great city policies implementation.

However, I wished the citizens can give more inputs (complaints) on how to improve the city because it feels lonely while waiting for the next milestones to be unlocked. For example, a road that need to be upgraded because of traffic, build schools in certain area because lack of education. Chirpy the blue bird doesn't help much. Perhaps the citizens can do protest for mayor to handle. Or give projects to be completed in certain time.

The only thing that gives you real challenge in the game is traffic management.