Astro B.yond IPTV vs. TM UniFi

Let's settle this duel once and for all.


Astro B.yond IPTV with Maxis (Maxis Home Fibre Internet Package only):
10Mbps - RM148
20Mbps - RM198
30Mbps - RM248

5Mbps - RM149
10Mbps - RM199
20Mbps - RM249

While it looks like Astro B.yond IPTV with Maxis offers are much cheaper, I got RM50 discount using UniFi 10Mbps which mean I only pay RM149 for the Internet plus RM50 for HyppTV Mega Pack, totaled to RM199 (plus minus GST would be RM210), UniFi is actually much more cheaper, free calls to TM fixed line (my family & friends usually call me here) and I get all the channels, whilst for Astro, I need to pay more if I want all the channels (RM40 to RM125) and extra RM20 for Home Voice Package (which is actually free if you count the discount RM25 in the package)


Besides Internet, both offer TV channels so why not we compare them.

Astro has the advantage of more local contents (Astro Ria, Prima, Oasis, Citra, Warna) and Indonesian (Bintang and Pelangi but I got them covered in MNC International), which I don't watch at all (Akademi Fantasia? Maharaja Lawak? What else?). The movies pack got HBO, MAX and Star Movies but I watched movies as and when they are released, not few months (or in some case, years) after they were released. I do miss the Korean channel, One HD, but I got HyppTV's Channel M in return. The better channels are the Kids package (Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network) and the Variety package (FOX, Star World, Animax)...especially the Kids package. Other than that, I'm not interested. The cost of Astro TV Package depends on your package, from RM40 to RM125.

I paid RM50 to get the mighty HyppTV Mega Pack, the Variety package (Australia Plus, Warner TV, BBC Entertainment, Universal HD, CBS HD, Comedy Central, Fox Crime, Syfy HD) certainly has more channels than what Astro is offering. Great lifestyle channels (Luxe TV HD, Travel HD, Channel V HD, BBC Lifestyle, MTV Live HD, NHK, iConcert HD, fashionTV HD), again more than what Astro offers. I also like the Asian selection, for local contents - EC Inspirasi, Hikmah, HyppSensasi, for Indonesia - MNC International, for Korean - Channel M, for Chinese movies - Now Baogu channel, for Eastern movies - Screen Red, for Indian movies - Sony Max or UTV Movies, so I got all of them covered with HyppTV, compared with Astro. The downside would be, I hate the Kids package selection, nothing interesting, except for babies. The learning package a bit lacking too but not so into them BTW (BBC Knowledge and NatGeo HD) compared to Astro (Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Biography, Crime & Investigation). Note that I'm not into sports.


In term of speed, I don't think there's any difference. Free calls? Other services?

So all in all, I'm still with UniFi so that says a lot ;)