Yuda's Top 10 Boardgames for 2015

1) Exploding Kittens - A great intense filler game that is portable and playable anywhere anytime. Never fail to entertain even the non-gamers crowd.

2) Castles of Mad King Ludwig - An auction-tile-laying game with huge replayability and good solitaire option too. Lovable game components, never knew building your own castle is so addictive! Much more accessible compared to its older brother, Suburbia by the same designer.

3) Colt Express - A worthy Spiel des Jahres 2015 winner with action programming mechanism. At first it may seems like a game full of luck, but with more games under your belt, you'll learn how to read and anticipate opponent's movement and react. Great western theme as well.

4) Mysterium - Commonly known as Dixit meets Clue. A nice co-op and deduction game for the whole family.

5) Codenames - Best played with 4 or more players. The feeling when you beat the other team to win and when you successfully give/guess more words with only one word clue.

6) Tiny Epic Galaxies - A nice 4x space-themed game with small footprint. Solitaire option makes it an even sweeter deal.

7) Dead of Winter - Dubbed as "The Walking Dead" game, which is also my favourite zombie TV series ever! With the right group, this game is a blast!

8) One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Another great filler game for the year 2014/2015, in the same vein with Codenames and Exploding Kittens. ONUW is the re-imagined of Ultimate Werewolf, similar to The Resistance gameplay, but instead of playing in several rounds, it only ends in 1 night, hence the name. My first play is with new friends, and we played this one several times because it's so much fun!

9) Camel Up - 2014 Spiel des Jahres winner. Cute game components, that's an instant win for family and casual gamers alike. Simple gameplay, engaging rounds after rounds and it doesn't drag long.

10) Five Tribes - The famous game with mancala mechanism, other than Trajan. Lots of meeples which make it looks great on the table, great auction for turn order as well and huge replayability due to its ever-changing board and genies availability.

10a) Splendor - Just because I can't decide the final Top 10 games so I'm adding this one, and it's not even really a 2015 game. Splendor is a hit among my family and friends. The poker/gem chips are amazing, the gameplay is simple yet very strategic and tactical. A must in any gamers' collection!

Top 13 2015 Boardgames I Love To Try:
These are the game that I love to try but would not buy because I already have similar theme/gameplay with the games and I try to keep my collection as lean as possible and well-rounded without too much redundancy and ends up not being played that much.

1) Pandemic Legacy - Would love to play this once-in-a-lifetime game, wouldn't buy it because it's a one-time deal only.
2) TIME Stories - Same as Pandemic Legacy.
3) Sheriff of Nottingham - Very high in my wish list for its casual gameplay and high player interaction.
4) Istanbul - It looks very similar to games that I already have, Splendor (gems) + Five Tribes (mancala mechanism) and after watching some youtube videos about it, not really convinced to buy it plus its high price tag.
5) 7 Wonders Duel - I already have 7 Wonders and I don't prefer 7 Wonders with only 2 players because I have better games for 2 players.
6) King of New York - I already have King of Tokyo, which is the better version because it's much simpler and served as a good introduction game for new gamers.
7) Roll for the Galaxy - I already have Race for the Galaxy, RFTG itself is hard to bring on the table due to its difficult iconography, saved for the pro players. If it's cheaper I would definitely put it in my wish list.
8) The Voyages of Marco Polo - I already have dice-placement games and similar European game. Have to give this one more time before deciding to buy it. The asymmetric player powers/ abilities
9) Orleans - Bag-building mechanism sounds great.
10) La Granja - Similar farming theme with Agricola.
11) The Gallerist - Interesting theme. I have too many worker placement games and need to have more games from them before buying new one.
12) Imperial Settlers - Civilation plus card games.
13) Elysium - From Splendor developer. Similar Greek theme.
14) Blood Rage - Small World on steroid with great miniatures.