My Top 10 Steam Filler Games

Most of the Steam games that I downloaded and played are survival-type of games in different settings. I love unique games!


RimWorld, another game that reminds me of FTL: Faster Than Light, Stardew Valley and This War Of Mine that's gonna cost me my waking hours. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, your colonists crashlanded on a planet full of threats and have to survive to escape the planet. One of my character died because of heart attack and another one died after being attacked by wild animal. There's a lot of trials and errors trying to learn how to do stuff in the game like building rooms, mining efficiently, zoning stockpile and agriculture area, getting electricity running, hunting animals, burying corpses, researching for advanced technologies. Be careful not to open a walled hidden room because it contains advanced enemies. It's a cool game and certainly has potential but the map feels too limited and tutorial are done badly. It certainly has that The Sims and Minecraft charm.

Stardew Valley is dangerously addictive! I've been playing it for several days and only seen a very tiny little bit of the game. The best amalgamation of Harvest Moon + Animal Crossing + Terraria + Minecraft!


Played this casually few times before, now playing it more seriously and got to unlock the Torus, an Engi spaceship after jumping to the fifth sector yeay! It has drones system installed. The human's Kestrel is too big and the systems are far apart from each other.


Feels like The Sims in post-war setting. Need to feed them, put them to sleep, build beds and stove and workshop for them, repair their house, clean up their house, help them scavenging, trade with others. Each character have special ability, the 3 characters I got are good cook, skilled scavenger (extra bag slots) and fast runner.


You're an immigration officer trying to survive by working as fast as you can, checking people's passports. Never knew checking passport is so fun!


Done playing Gone Home, one of the best game of 2013. The note told me not to switch on all the lights but i did, was so scared if suddenly something appeared from the front/back but nothing as such. This game is like a playable movie. A story about the player named Katie, upon arriving home from travelling all over Europe (scattering postcards) in the middle of a raging storm (some sort of horror setting), found the house is empty. And after exploring the house, found out that her parents went to couple counselling (her father's book flopped while her mother got promotion) and her sister Sam in love with another girl Lonnie. From basement to secret rooms and finally, to the attic. Love the many cassettes laying around waiting to be played - alternative songs. 5 out of 5! 


Third's time the charm! Finally nailed Redshirt Game. First game was a mess and I died in the second game during an away mission. Fulfilling career requirements to get job promotions to Rank 6and  mastering them were exhausting but very worthy indeed. Balancing the need for happiness and health, while socializing with Spacebook friends and gaining the compulsory 30000 karmacreds to buy the shuttle ticket. Invite only the yellow-colored invitees for an event. Never invite the same invitee more than once for the same event in a day. Never accept a relationship request because maintaining a relationship proved to be very difficult. The limited actions together with the mandatory sleep doesn't make it any easier. So is the aftermath after an away mission that will always resulted with the death of fellow colleagues. Make sure to set holodoctor and away mission on low frequency before starting the game. Basically The Sims in space. A game to remember... 


Playing Shovel Knight, the latest and hottest game in town! Yeay, successfully defeated the first boss, Black Knight by using jumping attack. Jumping between trenches is a bit tricky though. 


Rymdkapsel - my new addiction! Darwinia + Tetris! My first attempt and I failed to build the last and very-needed extractor to pave the corridor to the final monolith! Balancing the ever-decreasing resources, prioritizing what to build, hiring more staff, segregating tasks between staff and enough weapons to defense yourself from rival. Perfect for a perfectionist like me! Simple, elegant and flavorful game design.


I love the puzzles in Braid!

NEXT: Starbound, 60Seconds!, Youtuber's Life

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