Scythe 7th Solo Session Report

This is my 7th time playing solo variant of Scythe. I enjoy the solo variant more than I anticipated. The Automa cards randomize the AI actions thus more unpredictability which gives the solo variant an extra edge compares to other games. And it took less than an hour to finish a solo session.

Tonight I played as Engineering Rusviet. Rusviet because I lost terribly playing the faction before. Engineering is the random player mat I got, which gives more benefits in building structures. The Automa played as Polania. It was East against the West tonight.

I was lucky to get the secret objective that goes well with my faction ability, that is to have a Factory card and 0 upgrades (Technological Breakthrough). But first I need to build the mech that allows me to move between village that I controlled and the Factory (Township). My favourite first action is to produce, with a village and a mountain adjacent to my homebase, I got another worker and iron. Then I moved all workers to the mountain and my character, Olga to the village. Next production gave me 3 more irons to be used to deploy the mech on next turn.With the Township ability unlocked, I moved my character to the Factory and the mech brought all the workers to the desert nearby to drill some oil. 1 achievement star on board and another lucky strike at the Factory when I got the extra action to pay 2 different resources to either deploy a mech or build a structure. The next few turns were focusing on producing resources & moving around for the top-row actions while also doing upgrades, deploy some mechs & build structures. My next 3 stars came from those 3 actions: upgrades, mechs & structures. It was among the best engine I've ever built in the game.

My character was able to take 7 encounters while moving around the land! The 1st was to build my first structure on the desert in my peninsula, 2nd enlisting the recruit (the bear!) that give me power everytime I upgrade while also taking 2 combat cards as the 1-time bonus as the combat cards that I started with has low numbers, 3rd deploying another mech, 4th gaining 2 popularity because I already have al 4 mechs by the time my character took that encounter with the cow and mech, 5th enlisting my 2nd recruit and I increased my popularity with people of the land during the last 2 encounters. Only 2 encounters left by the end of the game, while the other 2 encounters were taken by the Automa.

However, the Automa's combat units were moving too close to my homebase in the middle of the game. In the only combat during the game, I used up all my power and my highest combat card (5) to protect the mountain with monument. Luckily the Automa only used 7 power and no combat card. I got my 5th star, tied with the Automa. Another lucky moment when I drew the Automa card and it didn't advance on that round, giving me an extra turn to put my final star on board! I usually ended the game by moving my mechs while dropping off the workers to spread all over the map and control more territories, but since I already did that before the last Automa's turn, I chose to produce the last worker from 1 of the village I controlled, which also cost me 1 power and 1 popularity. Thank God I already increased my popularity to the second tier before.

The game ends with me - 86 and the Automa - 77, thanks to the extra points from structure bonus. Here's some more pictures of the state of the board by the end of the game! It really was an awesome journey throughout the land, and looking back at the board after the game feels so amazing!