Best 2016 Korean Drama

I'm a sucker for dramas based on mythologies, ancient eras, time-travelling & unique concept.

1) Goblin

Star-studded cast, captivating cinematography, mesmerizing music. Movie-like quality. Grim Reaper & Goblin living in the same house. Goblin looking for his bride. My number 1 for 2016 and a must watch! Hero from My Girl & Coffee Prince and supporting heroine from Queen In-hyun's Man.

2) Legend of the Blue Sea

Spiritual successor to My Love from the Star. Mermaids story with some twist. Would be my number 1 for 2016 if not for Goblin.

3) W Two Worlds

Unique concept - webtoon. Haven't started watching it yet but at least unique than others.

4) Love in the Moonlight

Pretty much similar to other K-dramas featuring girls disguised as boys.

5) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Similar to other time-travelling dramas.

6) Doctors

Another medical korean drama. Watch this for Park Shin Hye.

7) Descendants of the Sun

Soldiers, doctors. Watched this till finish because it's popular and the combination of hero & heroine.