My Top 10 Playstation 2 (PS2) Games

1) Final Fantasy X - Turns out to be my most favourite Final Fantasy game. Tidus & Yuna forever!

2) Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup - This is the PS2 "sports" game for me! And I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter & Quidditch. This game let me play both.

3) Katamari Damacy - Lovely songs & unique gameplay. Rolling the ball and consume everything in the way is so much fun!

4) Guitar Hero - The button-mashing game that introduced the Guitar Hero craze to the world! Love it & I even have the guitar controller though I still prefer using PS2 controller instead.

5) SSX3 - When I play the game, I can feel the snow rushing to my face! The game is slick, much better than the Tony Hawk's games.

6) Dokapon Kingdom - It's like Super Mario Party but has some RPG element in it. One of the best board game on PS2!

7) Fatal Frame II - The horror game of PS2 for me, even more than Resident Evil! It gave me so many nightmares & looking through the camera will never be the same after playing this game! And it came out at the time when Korean & Japanese horror movies are at their height!

8) Burnout 3 - This is the racing game on PS2 for me. There's so much in charging your turbo & take down other racers!

9) Soul Calibur III - Among all fighting games on PS2, I love this one! It has stories, you unlock more characters & weapons, and they are all awesome!

10) Tekken 5 - This is among the first PS2 games that I bought and one of my most beloved fighting game franchise!

So that's 3 Namco, 3 EA, 1 Squaresoft, 1 Atlus, 1 Tecmo & 1 RedOctane games on my Top 10 PS2 list. GTA & few other games didn't make into the list because I prefer to play them on PC.

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