My Top 10 Boys Love (BL) Series

My Top 10 Boys Love (BL) Series

1) Love Sick (2014)

One of the first BL series from Thailand! From faking it to making it. Noh-Phun. 48 episodes in total! Second BL I watched after SOTUS. I like Noh, he has that innocent look and still figuring out his own life.Yuri and Jeed characters have sad storyline. Prefer Earn over Phun but at least he got Pete! Season 2.5 in 3 episodes of Reminders: Because I Miss You, with additional cast from Love By Chance: Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3. A more mature look for Noh! Hope they stay together for Season 3 coming this 2020!

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2) Sotus (2016)

Most celebrated BL couple. Kongpob-Arthit. From senior-junior to lovers. SOTUS (Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system. This is the first BL that I watched back in 2016. I like Arthit character, senior with bad boy vibe. I like M too even though he's a side character. The story continues in SOTUS S then Our Skyy Episode 5!

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3) TharnType (2019)

Tharn-Type. Tum-Tar. The latest and hottest series from Thailand! I like Type more than Tharn since he's more straightforward with his feeling.

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4) Love By Chance (2018)

Ae-Pete. Overshadowed by the popularity of TharnType. Sequel is coming out this year! I like Ae and don't really prefer Pete, because his character is too soft. Second couple Can and Tin is adorable too. More development with Tum and Tar storyline. A little bit of Kengkla and Techno.

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5) Until We Meet Again (2019)

Pharm-Dean. In-Korn. One of the saddest BL series TT I cried watching every episode! The story is so relatable. Both couples, the past and present are adorbs. Win and Team are adorbs too!

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6) Dark Blue Kiss (2019)

After Waterboyy, another series with Newwie as the main character! One of the best opening too. Kiss Me Again (2018) > Dark Blue Kiss (2019) > Kiss: The Series (2016) > OurSkyy (2018). The 2 main couple are so adorable, PeteKao and SunMork! Really love the opening theme! Third power couple after SOTUS and Theory of Love! Story continues in OurSkyy Episode 4!

PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.1
PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.2
PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.3

7) Make It Right (2016)

Another school boys series. Fuse-Tee. From friends to lovers.

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8) 2Moons (2017)

Wayo-Phana. Ming-Kit. Forth-Beam! Hiding love from each other.

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9) Theory of Love (2019)

Third-Khai. High quality production. How best friends become lovers. Famous couple from Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey. Second power couple! The Couple also featured in OurSkyy Episode 1!

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10) Waterboyy (2017)

Wai-Apo. Newwie as main character after Sotus! Introducing Earth!

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11) My Bromance (2016)

Golf-Bank. From the movie to TV!

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12) He's Coming To Me (2019)

Latest BL putting together Singto from SOTUS and Ohm from Make It Right!

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