BL Updates 1st Quarter of 2020

So much time during the lockdown period to watch so many BL series I've been wanting to watch! Currently there are 4 BL series for the 1st quarter of 2020 and here is how I ranked them:

1) 2gether

This is absolutely the clear winner between the 4 series. I watched every episode when it is premiered on GMMTV youtube channel. And I rewatch the episode again right after it finished. While waiting for the next episode on Friday, I rewatched the whole existing episodes, listening to all the songs played in the series (Currently a Scrubb fan even though I don't understand Thai lol!), inspired to learn how to play guitar (Takamine brand!), followed their IGs (even the sarawatlism bot account), even reading the translated novel! Every episodes were crafted and flows beautifully (with only few scenes that I don't really like eg. the phone shop scene, the Scrubb - Deep concert scene too long for my taste) and every scenes invited so much reactions! Great casting!

2) My Engineer

I've been following Cooper since My Bromance so this series is no brainer for me. The series does lack some nice flow compared to 2gether, some scenes were too overcrowded with too many actors & actresses, and could have been handled more beautifully like 2gether. I heard the actors have been recasted 3 times, luckily it's not Saint & Kao. I just hate Saint.

3) Why R U

Eugh I don't like Saint since Love By Chance but the other casts are not bad. I find that Tutor-Fighter scenes are too much especially it took 2 episodes (Ep 9 and 10) to show their intimacy during their trip to the beach and felt too cheesy without any progress in the storyline. The storyline and the soundtrack are kinda good too. Too many unnecessary couples convoluting the plots. Couldn't wait to finish the Saifah-Zon story.

4) En Of Love

The casting for TOSSARA are so bad I wonder how they get in the first place. And the couple getting along too quick as well and the chemistry felt forced. So many awkward acting. I couldn't stand this series but at least it fill some empty time in between other series. But the Love Mechanics couple redeemed this series back as their relationship felt more natural although abruptly ending due to the ongoing pandemic. Couldn't wait for the final pair in This is Love Story!

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